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Shadow, Shade & Sculpt - Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Professional Pallete

When it comes to contouring I'm so behind on the times, even when I was in the beauty industry I simply didn't understand the concept on contouring or even know how to begin! Naturally I took to YouTube watching god knows how many videos of vloggers demonstrating how to use cream and powder contour kits from various brands including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sleek and of course Makeup Revolution! This pallete was lovingly given to me by a friend as a leaving present and I was so excited to use this! 

I love to keep contouring as simple and quick as possible, especially as this pallete is all powder the contouring process for me is easier as I'm used to using powder products. The way I think about contouring is simple - highlight the features you love, contour the areas you want to sculpt or shadow! For me personally the areas I highlight are of course my cheekbones, brow bone and Cupid's bow* as these are the features that for me are the strongest. The areas I contour are under the cheekbones, forehead, sides of the nose*, under the chin* and jawline* as these are the areas I want to sculpt and narrow. I definitely contour differently when I'm doing an evening look I tend to use slightly more contour powder under my cheekbones to create more of a bold definition and the areas marked with a asterisk (*) are the particular areas I would only highlight/contour for an evening look. 

The packaging gives you a great sneak peek of the shades included and those are (from left to right per row) a satin light pink, a matte yellow, a peach/pink highlighter, a white/gold baked highlighter, a warm medium contour, a light ashy contour, a dark warm contour and a bronze baked highlighter. This pallete is designed for all skin types and tones so is wonderfully universal. 
Admittedly I haven't actually used the satin light pink shade as of yet I'm at a loss of where to actually use it! However I love using the matte yellow under my eyes as a setting powder for my concealer, this shade really helps disguise dark circles and prevents my concealer from creasing! I love the peach/pink and the White/gold baked highlighter, I use the peach shade for a subtle glow on my cheek and brow bones and use the white baked shade for a bolder almost strobe like glow. These two highlighters can also be used together, I find for a night out to create a gorgeous glow I apply the peach highlighter across my cheekbones and layer the white/gold baked highlighter on the very tops of my cheekbones - trust me it looks beautiful! 
Now comes to the contouring shades, all three are wonderfully pigmented and you don't need a lot of product at all to create definition. I first tried the light ash shade (bottom row, 2nd in) and found this perfect for my fair complexion and great for a daily makeup look! I opted to use the warm medium contour shade for a night out and even for my fair skin tone it created bold definition and really helped to chisel my cheekbones, this is definitely become my go to shade for special occasions! Lastly the dark warm contour shade and the bronze baked highlighter, these two shades are definitely too dark for my skin tone but would be more suitable and look fabulous on medium to dark skin tones!
Below is a daily contour look I have achieved using this pallete!

Palette swatches,
bottom to top is left to right of the palette
All in all this pallete showcases 8 beautiful pigmented shades suitable for all skin tones. I love how this pallete is super easy to use so it's completely suitable for beginners, enables you to create subtle and bold contour looks for both day and night and ultimately is super affordable at only £8.00! I'd highly recommend this Makeup Revolution Contour Palette, it's become a fond favourite of mine and I use it nearly everyday! Remember don't be scared of contouring, practise is the key! 

What are your thoughts on contouring? Do you have a favourite contouring product? 
Let me know in the comments below! 

πŸ’• Lucy 

Just another Mani Monday... Spring Nails πŸ’…πŸ»πŸŒ·πŸ’•

For me the most exciting thing about Spring, apart from the beautiful flowers and sunshine, is that pastel nails are in. Every year I always invest in new shades and new brands and this year I just couldn't wait given all the new nail products on the shelves! You'll have to forgive the state my nails are in in the pictures, I had just removed my acrylics (Yes I know, naughty me!)

Topshop £1.50 

This was certainly an impulse buy, I'd seen it at work and it was the last in the sale so I couldn't resist not getting it especially when it was a perfect spring shade! I was surprised actually with how bold the shade turned out but never the less it's spring and time for a change! It's great for creating a contrast against a white outfit or even for the toes when the sandals start coming out! My only downside (as I've never tried Topshop nails before) is they do take an awfully long time to dry so I would always have a can of rapid dry spare to speed up the process!

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Pink Lemonade - £3.99

This caught my eye as it's such a stunning take on a nude with more a pale pink twist, I love a nude (who doesn't?!) and this shade is especially perfect for spring with the cool tones of pink it matches any outfit but still takes a stand on your nails! The polish applied quite thickly so the thinner the application the better, but the polish dried really quickly and left a high shine, gel like finish! The only thing I would add is unlike me I would use a top coat to seal the ends as they did chip after a few days, but I'm sure with the use of a good top coat they would last up to a week. One of my new favourite polish shades!

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora in Wild-er-ness - £2.99

I've been wanting to try the new Rimmel London Rita Ora range for a while now so as I was planning this post I decided to trial one of her nail polishes as this wonderful lilac caught my eye! I'm a sucker for a lilac, well for anything pastel really, and this looked like a perfect spring cool lilac! The colour matches the bottle 100% and gives an opaque finish in 1 to 2 coats that does dry in minutes, however the title pretty much promises a super shine finish which I personally didn't get from this polish! However stick a glossy top coat on top to seal the colour your nails will be stunning for spring! In love with this lilac shade and the price too!

Seventeen Gel Colour in Mint Bon Bon - £3.99

If you've not already guessed it, this was an impulse buy! I got this Seventeen polish in Boots during a 'Buy one, Get on half price' offer they were running on Seventeen products at the time and I wasn't even on the look out for a new polish but when I saw this unusual pop of turquoise I had to try it! It's not a shade I would ever normally purchase or even wear but as I said before, I'm trying to put a spring into my beauty routine and change things up a bit. This shade has such a wow impact, with only one coat the shade is completely opaque, bold and will certainly make your nails stand out for spring! This is definitely a new favourite for me!

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Sugar Plum - £3.99

Another Barry M Gelly simply because I couldn't resist a Barry M offer Superdrug were having at the time and this shade again was something different to what I would wear but screams spring! Strangely enough this shade seemed different over the few days that I wore it, the first day it looked as it were below (a bright pink with a purple base) whereas on the third day it started to look more purple! It seemed really rather odd, perhaps it was the difference in lighting or that I again didn't apply top coat (I really need to invest!) This aside I loved the bright pinky/purple shade, it looks amazing both on fingers and toes and is just right for spring/summer! It didn't however give as much shine or a gel look as the Pink Lemonade, but this is a shade I would wear again!

Topshop Matte Nails - £1.50 RRP £6.00
As the previous Topshop Nails shade I purchased this on a whim at work as this too was in the sale and of course because it's lilac! I wasn't sure what the metallic matte finish would turn out like but it made my nails look a little more eye catching and makes a change from your typical glossy polish finish. It did however make painting my nails evenly (for a smooth finish) a lot harder, so anything uneven shows up like a sore thumb! The polish however dried really fast and overall is a fabulous spring shade with a matte twist that I would wear again!

What are your favourite go-to spring nail shades?
Let me know!

πŸ’• Lucy

My Disney Collection - The Favourites πŸ˜πŸ‘‘πŸ’œπŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

 All my life I've been an avid Disney fan, brought up watching the Disney classics, holidays to Disneyland Paris and surrounded by Disney merchandise (ornaments, bed sets, toys, clothes - you name it!) It's the only explanation for the Disney obsessed woman that I am today! As you can probably guess I've collected many Disney keepsakes over the years and I thought I'd share my love of Disney through blogging about my favourite collectibles!

Disney Traditions Rapunzel & Pascal Ornament 
I remember receiving this a few years ago as a birthday present shortly after Tangled hit the screens and I fell in love with the film! Tangled very quickly became an absolute favourite for me and it's a film I can watch time and time again and never be bored! This figurine perfectly captures the beauty of Rapunzel and cuteness of Pascal with the bright, bold colours and adorable little features like the flowers entwined in her long locks (which is from my favourite scene in the film, when the young girls plait her hair!) This figurine is still available to purchase from H Samuel for £36.99!

Princess and The Frog Mug 
I purchased this about 3/4 years ago from the Oxford Street Disney store as I think this was when I fell in love with The Princess and The Frog and unfortunately unlike many of the other Disney Classics this film doesn't have as many collectibles around, or at least there wasn't at the time! The only thing I found in the whole Disney store that was Princess and The Frog themed was this mug and I just had to get it! Still to this day I have never used it, it remains a piece on my Disney shelf and so it shall stay!

Disney Traditions Frozen Sisters Forever Ornament 
My mum actually brought me this for Christmas 2 years ago and it's stood proud on my shelf since, it's a stunning timeless piece that for me reminds me of the strength and love of my family. A classic collectible for any Disney or Frozen fan! This is also still available to purchase from H Samuel for £49.99

Snow White Decorative Plate 
I got this gorgeous plate from a Snow White tea set I managed to get in Debenhams when I worked there and I believe it was in a sale too! The tea set was a 4 piece set presented in a lunch box style Snow White tin that included a mug, egg cup, bowl and the plate. The plate out of all the stunning items included was my favourite and it's so beautiful I would never even dream of using it so it's now hung on my wall! To be honest I would never use any of the items the print is so bold and beautiful I would never want to damage them so they stay presented in the tin, also on my Disney shelf.

Cinderella 50th Anniversary Collectible Music Box - 
I've had this for as long as I can remember, it actually stayed in it's packaging for years until I was old enough to be trusted with it in my room. That age apparently was 19 as that's when I was given it officially to display in my room! We have three different editions of this collectible as one was purchased each for myself, my sister and cousin as keepsakes for when we were older. My edition is the "The Work Song" version from the scene where "Cinderelly's" little creature friends make her a dress to go to the ball! This collectible for me is my absolute favourite, it's so classic and completely timeless! The details are devine, from the intricate gems, gold handles and trims to the image of Cinderella falling in love with her dress and not to mention the detail I love the most - The stunning glass slipper sitting on top of a red cushion acting as the lid of the music box. When you lift this you are presented with a dial that when turned takes you back to this scene in Cinderella as it lovingly plays The Work Song!

Minnie Mouse Soft Toy 

 What kind of a Disney fan doesn't love a Minnie Mouse toy? It's something my favourites collection could not be complete without! My family know me all too well as this again was purchased for me from my Mum for my birthday last year. She looks so adorable sitting atop my bookshelf, dressed all in my favourite colour; pink!

The Art Of Disney: The Golden Age Collectible Postcards 
I also received these last year as a birthday gift from my Brother and admittedly these aren't something I've come across before otherwise I'm sure I would've snapped these up! This postcard collection gives exclusive insight into unpublished, never before seen images of film frames, sketches and much more from Disney Classics during the Golden Age (1937-1961) stemming from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to 101 Dalmatians. I've selected a few (below) that are my favourite pieces from the collection! This postcard collection is still avaliable to purchase from Amazon for £13.79 (RRP £14.99)

Upcoming Post - A dedicated Alice in Wonderland post for the new film Alice Through The Looking Glass, featuring my favourite Alice in Wonderland collectibles! It'll be on the blog week ending 28th May (hopefully!) 

What's your favourite Disney film or collectible?
Let me know!

πŸ’• Lucy 

New Blossoming Beauties! -The Body Shop British Rose Collection πŸŒΉπŸšΏπŸ’–

I really believe I'm an old lady at heart, not just because I love early bed times but because one of my favourite scents is rose! Ok rose isn't really old lady-ish but to a lot of people it is, I don't understand why as it's such a wonderful fresh, floral scent that can be worn anytime and even layered underneath different floral scents! When The Body Shop launched their British Rose collection I couldn't resist, it started as me just going into Body Shop and having a nosy at the new products into me buying 3 products and feeling my bank balance judging me instantly! However I do not regret my purchase at all, I mean why would I? 

In total I walked away with the Shower Gel (250ml, £5.00), Instant Glow Body Butter (50ml, £6.00) and the Petal Soft Hand Cream (30ml, £4.00). I always love to try the smaller sized products, if available, first to see how my skin reacts, how my perfumes layer on top etc so that's why I opted for the smaller sizes!

I actually hadn't ever purchased a shower gel from The Body Shop before so I was a little apprehensive as a lot of other shower gels have dried out my skin, needed a lot of product for one shower or simply just don't lather! However this was totally not the case with this particular shower gel, I only needed a 10p sized amount for it to lather beautifully and be enough for one shower so this product is definitely worth the splurge for how long it's going to last! The scent is oh so amazing, it's brilliantly sweet unlike any rose fragrance I've smelt before! So you can wave goodbye to the old lady rose scents and hello to the captivating sweet, floral whirlwind that is The British Rose! Not forgetting to mention how super soft my skin feels after rinsing this gel off, this is probably due to this product being soap free making room for more hydrating ingredients!

I'm always a bit naughty when it comes to moisturising my skin on my body, I've always used body lotions or creams that have been too rich and heavy for my skin type and it's thoroughly put me off using them! However this Instant Glow Body Butter instantly sinks into the skin, leaving behind no greasy residue and no need for drying time! This body butter really does live up to it's Instant Glow title as my skin looked immediately brighter, healthier and smoother, this is the one product that my hidden away winter legs are going to love this spring/summer! Again leaves behind the subtle sweet scent of the British Rose, not being too overpowering but just right.

Last but of course not least, the Petal Soft Hand Cream! I've always had hand cream bought for me as little gifts but it's one of those things I hardly ever use, I neglect my hands but being skincare trained I should know better! I always suffer with very dry hands and rough cuticles during autumn/winter so unless I get back into using a hand cream every day I'll be suffering through spring/summer too! The scent of the hand cream is slightly stronger than the shower gel so the floral scent lasts for hours. The texture is just right for me, not too rich that it'll take 5 minutes before I can touch anything but it's perfectly light and nourishing enough to keep dry skin at bay. The product sinks into the skin quickly, lightly hydrates cuticles, leaves a beautiful rose scent and really does leave your hands petal soft! I really love the size options The Body Shop offers for the hand cream, you can opt for a larger size perfect for your dressing table or just like I've done choose to go for the smaller size which is ideal for your handbag or perhaps your desk at work so you'll never forget to keep your hands petal soft!

The British Rose collection is fast becoming a new favourite product range for me, I'll definitely be purchasing the full size versions of these products when these run out! I'd also really love to try the rest of the range, especially the eau de toilette spray. 

Have you tried any products from The British Rose collection? Which ones are your favourites?

πŸ’• Lucy 

The Morning Struggle - How I Awaken my Skin & Senses in the Morning 😴➡️πŸ’πŸΌ

Oh the wonderful morning - the tiredness, the messy hair, the getting ready for work but most of all the struggle to get out of bed at all. I'm certainly not what you would call 'A morning person' I'm that kind of girl who stays up watching reruns till 1am and then complains in the morning about my lack of sleep! So as you can imagine the morning isn't something I can cope with and even my daily cup of coffee just about perks me up so I decided to make a change to my morning routine by altering the little things that I do every morning to help fight fatigued skin and dulled mood. I could've gone a little crazy and gone for new concealer, foundation or even fragrance but I thought I'd strip it back to basics and stick with simplicity!

Clarins Daily Energiser Cleansing Gel - RRP £13.50, 75ml
Normally I would just either use a foamy face wash, cleansing water or even make up wipes but I've now introduced the use of Clarins Daily Energiser Cleansing Gel , a 20+ specific lightly foaming gel that gently lifts impurities and removes all traces of make up and pollution whilst brightening the complexion. This really is a simple little life saver, the texture is so light and comforting on the skin and the scent is wonderfully refreshing! This gel contains one of my most favourite ingredients, the wonder that is Moringa! Moringa is derived from a tree most commonly found in south asia and is often described as 'The Miracle Tree' I can certainly see why with all the antioxidant, nutritional and anti-inflammatory benefits! After every use my complexion is radiant and clear and my skin has a squeaky clean but comfortable feel! The thing I particularly love about this product is like all Clarins products it contains an anti-pollution complex and for me living and working in the city this is a great bonus, I just love knowing it's fighting against pollution causing me blemishes, tired skin and even ageing.

Magnitone Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Face Brush - RRP £70
Now it's partner in crime the Magnitone Barefaced Vibra Sonic Daily Face Brush  a simply amazing cleansing tool that exfoliates whilst boosting micro circulation to reveal glowing, energised skin. Magnitone is a up and coming brand from London that I came across whilst on the hunt for a cleansing brush for Christmas (for myself, obviously) that drew me in with exclusive offers, beautiful packaging and amazing reviews. Magnitone uses double award winning "Vibra-Sonic " technology which is a combination of sonic oscilations and electromagnetic pulsed vibrations, these combined help tighten and tone the skin, deeply cleanse the pores, eliminate excess oil and reduce impurities all whilst removing make-up and cleansing the skin! Before I invested I was convinced I was going to struggle to fit this into my morning routine and would just end up using it every now and then but with the Magnitone you only need one minute to be gleam and clean! There's even a one minute timer that will turn off the brush after 60 seconds of use and every 20 seconds the brush beeps to remind you to move onto the next area.

It's amazingly simple to use, all I do is wet my skin and the brush head, apply my Clarins cleansing gel directly to the brush and you're ready to go! One push of the on button gives you the "Daily Cleansing Mode" suitable for everyday use and two pushes gives you the "Pulselift   Toning Mode" a once/twice a week workout treat for your skin! When using the Magnitone don't be tempted to push the brush head onto your skin or apply any pressure, trust me the Vibra-Sonic technology is doing all the work for you! Just lightly move the brush around the skin, focusing on the three main 20 second areas - t-zone, cheeks and neck. It's also 100% waterproof, comes with a 12 month free warranty and a splashproof travel pouch!

I absolutely love my Barefaced cleansing brush, it's so effective in giving me a deep pore cleanse, minimising my blemishes but most of all brightening and tightening my skin! Any product I apply after using this is instantly absorbed and my make-up has always applied much easier and lasted longer since I've used my Magnitone! The great thing about this product is it's suitable for anyone and everyone, all skin types and all ages! So what's stopping you from getting your glow?

Lush Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating Mask - £6.75 for 150g
I remember when this product launched as a Oxford Street exclusive and how distraught I was when I couldn't get my hands on it! Now this little weekly treat is available in all Lush stores and online and of course I grabbed it as soon as I could and I wouldn't ever look back! This creative mixture of Coffee Infusion, Vetiver Oil, Roasted Cocoa Extract and Fairtrade Vanilla Absolute makes up a wonderful wake up call for both your skin and senses in one pot! I use mine once a week as a skin boosting treat and always in the morning to kick-start my day and what a punch it packs to the senses! It's strong but subtly sweet, for me it's a delicious scent there's nothing I love better to smell in the morning than coffee! Again it's a simple product to use, apply a layer of product onto the skin avoiding eyes and mouth, leave for 10-15 minutes and then with wet hands I massage the grains into my skin focussing on problem areas and then rinse off! Now the results left me amazed! Instantly my skin was glowing, the obvious pink/red tone to my skin (from blemishes & scarring) was visibly reduced, pores were deeply cleansed and tightened and my skin was super duper soft! I honestly was massively impressed with the results that I even went make-up free that day and had to stop myself from stroking my super soft skin!

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar - RRP £4.95 per bar 
I've always been a lover of the Lush bubble bars, especially the likes of the classic The Comforter! This struck my attention on my latest regular visit to my local Lush store just because of the bright beautiful yellow and orange swirls, then the Tangerine and Bergamot oils took over me and I just had to get it! It's quite rare that I get to enjoy a nice hot bath before work so I tend to use the Brightside bubble bar on my days off as a perk me up treat or even if I've had a particularly stressful day I'll use this in my evening bath to uplift my senses and my mood! Brightside creates a bright orange, very bubbly bath that just smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling citrus sweet!

Lush Sunrise Soap - RRP £4.25 per 100g 
On my trip to grab the Brightside Bubble Bar I came across this lovely bright orange and yellow bar of soap! I believe it was a Mother's Day special edition featuring alongside the lovely Yummy Mummy shower cream, so that does mean unless your quick or very lucky you might not be able to get your hands on this beauty! Every morning I say hello sunshine to this gorgeous bar of goodness, filled with tangerine and mandarin oil and a murumuru core. The lather is bright orange and subtly sparkly, it left my skin looking brighter, feeling smoother and smelling sweet all day.

How do you overcome the morning struggle?
Let me know in the comments below!

πŸ’• Lucy 

Mini Stationary Haul πŸ˜πŸ“πŸ““πŸ–‡

If there's anything I can't resist it's stationary, whether it's a new diary or notebook or a fresh pad of sticky notes I just can't help myself. I frequently became known at work as the go to girl for stationary, it's pretty sad but being the stationary freak I am it was something I was weirdly proud of. Having a new job now in the city centre of my city is dangerous for my bank account just because there's so many places with cutesy stationary and that's exactly what happened when I hauled these beauties!

Cinderella Notebook - £3.00 Wilkinsons
If there's anyone who can't resist anything Disney related it's got to be me, I spotted this from a mile away and didn't hesitate for one second until it went into my basket! I absolutely love a new notebook, I'm one of those people who just has to write everything down otherwise the thought/idea will be forever lost never to be found again. I'm constantly writing to do lists, organising blog posts or just jotting down what to get at the supermarket so notebooks are always useful for me to keep all ideas in one place where I can't lose or forget them! This notebook has already come in handy for brainstorming post ideas and planning them too and not to mention it looks absolutely adorable on my dressing table!

Wilko Giant Princess Erasers - £0.50, Wilkinsons
These were completely 100% an impulse buy, after seeing the Cinderella notebook and getting a bit princess crazy my brain was picking up on everything related and these I couldn't resist at only 50p they're super cute! I'm thinking of even taking a couple to work with me (as we always use pencils) just to spread the princess fever!

One Thought A Day Diary - £2.50 Wilkinsons 
I've never actually had a personal diary, always work diaries but never something to plan my own calendar. That was until I saw this little gem! It's a stunning lilac perfect handbag sized beauty that has 1 page for each day of the year and 5 spaces on each day so you've got a 5 year diary! The idea is very cute and almost like timehop but in diary form, so the next year you can look back on what you did possibly inspiring future plans and reigniting past memories. I love being organised but I'm just so forgetful so I think this little diary has been absolutely spot on for me! There's just enough room to write your plans for the day or even a positive quote and it doesn't take up lots of room in my handbag, perfect for people like me who don't have that many plans that they could fill an A4 diary (I mean come on who does?) but need to remember the little things they've planned in a busy week ahead!

This definitely won't be the first and last time you come across a stationary haul on here, so keep your eyes peeled!

πŸ’• Lucy 

My First Birchbox - April Edition πŸ˜πŸ’„πŸ’πŸŽ

When I had told my fellow beauty obsessed friend that I hadn't signed up to Birchbox naturally she was shocked and got me straight on her computer to sign up! I didn't need much convincing however when I visited the Birchbox website and saw how beautiful the April box was and that it included a Benefit trial product too! I was literally counting down the days until my box arrived, wondering what little goodies the lovely people at Birchbox would surprise me with! Finally the day came and it felt like Christmas, I've never opened anything so quickly and the first impressions of the box itself did not disappoint. The Rifle Co design 'Jardin de Paris' is beautiful, a modern floral pattern in pinks, oranges and yellows it's definitely something I'm going to hoard!

Inside was a mixture of treats they are as follows -
Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Repairing Shampoo 40ml and Conditioner Sachet 10ml
Kueshi Foot Care Cream 40ml
Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner in Black 0.8g
LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Empress Me Full Size
Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer 1.5ml

Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner - RRP from £11.50
I tried the Beaver hair products first, admittedly it's not a brand I'm familiar with so I was very curious to see how well these products matched up to their description. This particular range from Beaver Professional is to benefit dry, damaged hair containing avacado oil and aloe vera to nourish and repair split ends, leaving hair feeling softer and looking shiner. To be honest I was unsure of why this collection was chosen for me as I put my hair concern as "oily" and "wavy hair" so this emrange doesn't really match up buy of course I tried the products anyway! Despite my concerns I actually really like the results of the products, both the shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling surprisingly purified, nourished, amazingly soft and shiny and my ends looked smoother! I would definitely recommend these products for anyone who has damaged hair from colouring or suffers with split ends!

Kueshi Foot Care Cream - RRP £12
This is another brand that is new to me and honestly body products are my downfall, I hardly ever use them! Any foot creams I've tried previously have been really heavy duty and made me unable to walk for 20 minutes until the product absorbed so I was really hoping this one from Kueshi would be a game changer. Upon application I was worried the texture was too thin but as soon as you've massaged the product in even slightly it's instantly absorbed and leaves no residue behind at all! Tea Tree gives the feet a cooling, refreshing feeling and Royal Jelly hydrates the skin, my feet have never felt so soft and smooth! This is something I'd definitely purchase!

Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner in Black - RRP £11
The Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner is a Birchbox exclusive, as soon as I saw the packaging I couldn't wait to try it! The texture of this liner is gorgeous, it glides on the lids so smoothly making it so easy and foolproof to apply and within 30 seconds it's set and ready for the day! It's definitely a budge proof formula as it lasted me all day long and even the swatch I did on the back of my hand I struggled to get off for 2 days!  All in all, probably the best pencil eye liner I've used! This could be the one to convert me from my liquid liners!

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in "Empress Me" - RRP £8

I've not really used shadow sticks before, I tend to always use your standard pan shadows and due to my oily eyelids I always opt for matte eyeshadows. However I could very much be swayed given the beautiful "Empress me" shade of this LOC One and Done Shadow Stick and what a pigment punch this packs! It's a gorgeous taupe/gold shade with an almost metallic finish that lasts all day! LOC provides waterproof, creaseless colour and foolproof, quick application all in one product, it's simply perfect for those of us who are always on the go just apply on the lids and blend with your fingertips or use a bold liner!

Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer - RRP £21.50 
My Benefit treat in my box was Air Patrol, a BB Cream Eyelid Primer and I have to admit even as a Benefit fan I've not heard of this product before! However as I said before my eyelids tend to be oily making a simple nude eyeshadow look hard to hold for even a few hours so an eyelid primer is something I'm always shopping around for. The shade is a natural nude shade with a yellow undertone, perfectly disguising any discolouration on the lids and providing a suitable wear-alone shade. The texture at first I thought was going to be slightly too wet but once you begin applying to
the lids (I used my fingertips) it sets to a beautiful semi-matte finish, making it an ideal base for any eyeshadows or liners! As for helping to prolong the wear of eyeshadows, I would say it helped mine to stay for a few hours longer than what I would get without a primer but it's probably the longest lasting result I've had from any eyelid primer I've tried as my lids are just too oily!

 I love how Air Patrol offers SPF 20 protection and uses their unique EnviroDefend complex to offer total eye protection against the harmful effects of sun, pollution and smoke.
A product that can offer you all these benefits (Get it?) in one product is very hard to find and for me very sought after, I can see this becoming something I use everyday!

That sums up my very first Birchbox and I have to say I'm impressed and cannot wait for next months edition after seeing my May sneak peek!

What are your thoughts on Birchbox? Did you recieve April's edition, I'd love to know what goodies you got!

πŸ’• Lucy